The color box, NFTs collection

Each station represents each theme. Now we are at station 3

In this collection, there are 3 ranks and one special rank which are;

  • Common Rank – The frame is brown. The level of the wind-up key range between 1-3 keys. It’s 3/3 editions.
  • Uncommon Rank – The frame is silver. The level of the wind-up key is 4. It’s 2/2 editions
  • Rare rank – The frame is gold. The level of the wind-up key is 5. It’s 1/1 edition.
  • Lottery – The frame is colorful. Instead of showing the key, it shows the name of character. It’s 1/1 edition.

Dropping and Pricing

Privilege for Collectors

For every drop,

  • Top 2 spenders collectors will have early access to buy 1 NFT (Excluding rare rank) from the set.
  • For the others collectors, I’ll draw 4 lucky persons to join this early access (Excluding rare rank).
  • ‘The lottery NFT’ I’ll draw a number. Only one collector will get a lottery NFT in each drop.

Early Access

To honor of all collectors both on Opensea and Foundation, I’ll give you early access. The benefit is to have more chances to get what you want before officially drop and also get a special price.


1. The first and second with highest accumulated first-hand purchases on the color box collection from previous drop.

2. Raffle for two who purchase and hold secondary market of the color box regardless of the volume.

3. Raffle for two who are holding at least of the color box collection. 


1. I’ll directly contact six lucky persons 2 days before officially drop. You have 24 hours to choose and purchase.

2. The queue is the first highest > the second highest > the first lucky from secondary market > the second lucky from secondary market > the first lucky holder > the second lucky holder.

3. You have a right to buy only one piece. If you’d like to buy more, please buy after the officially release.

4. You cannot purchase rare NFT in early access. 

5. If you disclaim a right, I’ll not reserve the right to others. And you cannot transfer the right to others or to the next drop.

The Lottery NFTs

To give back to my lovely collectors, I’d love to give you a special prize with the fairest chance, so I have a lottery NFT. No matter how much you’ve spent to support me, all of you have equal odds to win a lottery NFT. Every new drop comes with one lottery NFT


The collector possesses at least one NFTs of the color box collection until the end of the activity.


1. Collectors, who love to join, need to submit your name either on Twitter or Discord. I’ll open for one day.

2. After submitting, you should not trade, sell or transfer your NFTs to anyone. If you don’t have the NFTs until the end of the activity, you will lose the right to receive the lottery NFT. This is temporary procedure. You can do anything else after the activity has ended.

3. After closing the submitting, I’ll draw a lucky number. Who occupies that number will get the lottery NFT. If more than one collector is possessing the same number, I will draw the final name among them.

4. The lottery NFT will be transferred to a winner’s Opensea account. I’ll responsible for all costs of the transfer.

Additional Rules

1. The winner cannot join the next lottery round, but you can join after that.

2. The winning number won’t be taken out, the same number might be drawn in the future.

Trick to win a lottery NFT

1. Possessing NFTs with different numbers increase the odds.

2. Possessing the same number more than one doesn’t increase odds, but it can rule others out if your number is picked.


I summarize all-time purchases in ETH and count both on Opensea and Foundation. However, the secondary purchase is not included.

I’ll not reserve the right to others. Also, the right cannot be transferred to others.

No. They will be different.

Yes. You can sell it on Opensea